About us

Image result for open door  Yegbu.com is Ethiopia’s fast and easy online marketplace where people can connect directly with each other to buy,  sell, rent goods and services.

Sell anything from used car to mobile, furniture, laptop... or rent a house, car, dozer and more!!!.


Listing your item is easy; once you have register and create your account, then sign In. Only requires that you click on Post Ad, take some pictures of the product and post your listings based on the categories.


One of the biggest benefits of Yegbu as a sales tool is that you can set your own price, and you don't have a third party in the middle taking a cut of the sales. Besides, there is no limit to list your staffs, but you always get to know exactly who you're dealing with. Buyers and sellers can set up their own payment options.


The site has global reach, lists just about everything and anything you could possibly want to sell, and has buyers who regularly filter through all of those categories. Yegbu has tried to reposition itself to be more of a buyer-friendly paradise, full of not just auctions that you have to win, but full of shopping listings that you can buy immediately.

Let’s do more!