• How can I use yegbu??
    • How does the website work?
      Posting on Yegbu is a simple process. All what you need to do is to Register and Create an Account to get started. Fill up the form to complete the registration. Then you can sign in your account and you click on Post Your Classified Ads, take some pictures of the items (you have the chance to post 4 pics per item) and post your listings. You can follow the status by simply click on My ads.
    • Can I change my password?
      Yes. Login to your Yegbu account and click “My Account” located at the right top corner of the homepage. Then click “Manage Account Settings” from the left hand selection of your screen. Finally click “Change Password” located at the bottom right of the page to change your email address.
    • I can’t upload a picture
      we support JPEG and PNG formats of pictures. The image should be less than 2MB in size. If you are still experiencing a problem, please change your browser and try “Google Chrome” or “Mozilla”.
    • I can’t register on the website
      Make sure you have filled out all required fields on the registration page. Click on "register" and take a look at the information highlighted in red to be changed or filled. Once the registration form is filled out and submitted, an email notification will be sent to your email account with a link to validate your account. Please access your email to validate your account.

    Note: If you continue to experience any problem with www.yegbu.com, please call us:  0942 12 12 12


  • About Listing/Posting??
    • How many items can I post in to the website and for how long can stay? There is no limit to list your staffs, but you always get to know exactly who you're dealing with and can say for 30 days.
    • Can I upload images of my product? Yes. When you list a product you will see a section to upload images of the product (right below the description box) where you can upload up to 4 pictures that will be shown with your listing The pictures should be in PNG and JPEG format and up to maximum size of 2MB.
    • Can I make changes to my listing? Yes. You will be able to change the following information on an existing listing: • Increase or reduce the number of stocks • Add special pricing for a specific period of time • Extend the listing expiration date of a product.
    • Can I cancel my listing?Yes. However, cancelling your listing automatically removes the item from our product catalogue and your product will not be visible to prospective buyers.
    • When is it necessary to cancel my listing? You should cancel your listing once the product is out of stock. Cancellation of sales due to stocks not available leads to buyer dissatisfaction.
    • Can I include personal contact information in my listings?Yes, we allow displaying your personal information like phone numbers and email address on any listings or shops. But when a purchase is made, we will share the buyer contact details for you to contact the buyer and complete the transaction.



  • How do I sale??
    • Do I need to register in order to sell on Yegbu?
      Yes,you need to register for an account before you list a product. Here are the steps to register for an account.  Click Register button on the right top corner of the homepage. Fill up the form to complete the registration. Once you have registered, you will have validated account, you can start listing products on the site any time.
    • How much does it cost to sell on Yegbu?We allow you to list 5 items per one month and upload free for the first time,no listing fee, and no commission. We will let you experience how Yegbu works and how can help your business.

    • Is Yegbu involved to fix an item price?No, One of the biggest benefits of Yegbu as a sales tool is that you can set your own price, and you don't have a third party in the middle taking a cut of the sales.
    • What is in it for me as a seller?
      Yegbu enables your business to expand the reach of your business to millions of new customers with nearly one click. Yegbu provides online marketing and a wealth of expertise in online marketing so you can be assured that your online store reaches a whole new set of buyers from across the country.

  • Are your prices negotiable??

    It depend on the staff that you want to buy, some products need face to face negotiation some might be fixed i.e.if you want to update your refrigerator and want to sell the old one, you can list and upload the picture to our site and you will negotiate the price after the buyer inspect the refriger.

    Note: Yegbu is working just to connect both buyers and sellers without interfering on payment.


  • How do I make payment??

    After you meet the seller through Yegbu website you can inspect the thing that you want to buy and then negotiate the price and pay. Yegbu is working just to connect both buyers and sellers without interfering on payment.